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Posted on April 01, 2019

Are you up for the challenge? NVHD would like to challenge you to participate in a unique activity called letter-boxing! Our letter-boxing series includes some public health information, it’s fun and a great excuse for you to get some fresh air and exercise. You, your family and friends will seek out small hidden boxes that are planted in local public parks. The boxes are found by following a series of clues. Each box contains a logbook that you can sign and date and a unique hand-carved stamp that you can stamp into your own personal logbook. We will post a new clue each day during Public Health Week (letterboxing clues are also hosted by and

Be sure to take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using #ValleyLetterboxChallenge

Day 1: Ansonia

Day 2: Naugatuck

Day 3: Seymour