Environmental Health Division

The goal of the Environmental Health Division is to prevent illness, disability, or death from the interactions between people and the environment. Our sanitarians perform health inspections, investigate and resolve complaints about health hazards, and educate the public. The NVHD is responsible in partnership with state and federal agencies, for enforcement of the State Public Health Code, relevant State Statutes and Regulations, and Local Health Ordinances. NVHD responds to public health emergencies on a 24-hour basis.

Community Health Division

The Community Health Division has legal responsibility for the investigation of infectious diseases in the district. It also provides a wide array of preventive health programs aimed at increasing the span of healthy life for all our residents. Activities take place at convenient community locations and involve partnerships with local health and human service agencies, municipal departments, and physicians.

Emergency Preparedness Division

The NVHD continues to increase its capacity to respond to emergencies thanks to its dedicated staff, continuous review and exercising of emergency response plans, and a committed volunteer force. The Emergency Preparedness Division works with police, fire, and other authorities to develop functional plans to use during emergency response. The division continues to recruit and train individuals to join the volunteer force, and serves as an educational resource for personal and community preparedness.

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